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Bengals Banter: Due to the World Ending in 2013, the Bengals Super Bowl Window Closes

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Lots to do and talk about today, so lets get right to it, eh?

+ The Cincinnati Bengals chances to win a Super Bowl is quickly coming to a close, since NASA predicts that powerful solar storms will end civilization in 2013. So when they say that our window for a championship is closing, nothing gets more "oh man, we gotta win NOW", than this. Marvin Lewis elects to not return. Carson Palmer retires. End of the world. Take your pick for the closing window. On a side note, I'm developing contacts now so we can get John Cusack to guest blog and give us tips on how to evade the world's ending; such as flying a plane threw falling buildings, outrunning a super volcano or being lucky as hell when the airplane runs out of fuel over the ocean only to find that the landmass has shifted for you so you can make the ark boat departures in time. This isn't luck. It's John Cusack.

+ Former Bengals center Eric Ghiaciuc was released this week from Cleveland to make room for offensive lineman Paul Fanaika.

+ Newest Bengals wide receiver Antonio Bryant looked very sharp during the team's first day of minicamp. Carlos Holmes observed:

Maybe the most impressive guy on the field Tuesday was a newcomer, wide receiver Antonio Bryant. He made a couple of difficult catches in traffic look easy and demonstrated superb blocking skills. The receiver could be the missing piece in the puzzle for the Bengals on offense.

+ The Enquirer's Joe Reedy throws together an idea on how the "receiver competition is lining up according to reps and pairings: Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, Jerome Simpson, Andre Caldwell, Jordan Shipley and Matt Jones."

+ Chick Ludwig sat down with Adam Jones and asks him ten non-football related questions. More like a survey I suppose.

+ It was reported yesterday that Rod Woodson was thinking of taking up the coaching mantel and interning with the Bengals to see if this is what he wants to do.

“It would have to be in my heart. I have a lot of free time with my kids but I think I can impact the young guys a little bit more on a day to day basis (if I was coaching). A lot of knowledge was given to me through my playing career and I feel like I have something to give back.”

+ The same firm that is representing Johnathan Joseph through negotiations is the same firm that represents Kyle Cook and Brandon Johnson.

+NFL Mocks gives the Bengals the best grade for their 2006 draft class which included starters Johnathan Joseph, Andrew Whitworth and Domata Peko. Cincinnati also picked up Frostee Rucker, who, when healthy and active, does contribute. Also note, the Bengals signed undrafted free agent Dennis Roland after the draft. Take note, of all the players drafted, only Joseph hasn't signed an extension.

+ Dallas Morning News' Rick Gosselin released his power rankings which has the New York Jets one spot behind Houston, Baltimore listed as the third best team in the NFL with the Bengals listed as 12th.

+ So a man gets shot in the face, spits out the bullet and is listed in stable condition. What did you do this morning?