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Injury: Rookie Linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy Breaks Hand

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Obviously one of the more noticeable changes on the team's prospect to return to its glory passing days -- meaning that our passing game will be effective even though we're still projected as a run-first team -- is the players the team drafted to help bolster that passing game. Players like Jermaine Gresham, Jordan Shipley and Dezmon Briscoe. Of the defensive players drafted, Brandon Ghee and Carlos Dunlap are there, you remember them because they address two areas (pass rushing, coverage in the secondary outside the starting cornerbacks) that are of need.

One player that we haven't spoken much about, aside from the two offensive linemen that I keep forgetting about for some reason, is Texas linebacker Roddrick Muckelroy, whose 114 tackles for the Longhorns in 2008 awarded him Big-12 honors (yes, that conference that was dissolving that will stick around). Muckelroy is expected to improve the team's overall linebacker depth with a possible sighting as a starting linebacker in the future -- maybe as soon as next year, provided injuries to other players doesn't enable him to start this year.

Well, during the team's morning practice on Tuesday, Muckelroy broke his hand. No one seems to know how (if that's even important) and the note was buried in Geoff Hobson's notes. Maybe if we weren't so enamored with Chad's expected return... Hobson points out that Muckelroy should be back when Training Camp kicks off in a few weeks.