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Will Negotiations Between the Jets and Darrelle Revis Affect Bengals Negotiations With Joseph?

While Johnathan Joseph and the Cincinnati Bengals negotiate towards a contract extension, it might be worth it to monitor contract negotiations between Darrelle Revis and the New York Jets. The idea is wondering how much Joseph's agent will use Revis' new deal to influence negotiations with the Bengals. Will Joseph get the same deal as Revis? Doubtful. The Bengals won't break the bank on a cornerback and frankly, Revis is probably the better cornerback. Will Joseph look for a deal that's in the neighborhood of what Revis will get? That seems possible, if not probable during an age in which cornerbacks are increasingly at a premium with offenses passing more and more.

Bob Glauber writes that a proposed deal "would pay Revis more than twice as much as Asomugha." Since we don't see the logic in paying for access to the actual article, we'll wait for Pro Football Talk to chime in with the details of the article.

Last year the Oakland Raiders signed cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha to a three-year contract giving him $28.5 million guaranteed over the first two seasons. Per Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter, "Asomugha's contract voids after the second season unless the Raiders pay him $16.8 million for 2011 or the franchise tag for a quarterback, whichever is higher." The three-year deal will pay Asomugha $45.3 million, or $15.1 million per season, highest contract for a cornerback in NFL history.

Jets' Revis believes he deserves something in the neighborhood of Asomugha's deal.

Asked whether the economy should factor into his demands, Revis was calm be resolute. "That has nothing to do with football right now," he said. "You're talking about a whole different subject... This is an uncapped year this year. Did you know that?"

Revis pointed out that other players have received new deals. "Patrick Willis got paid," Revis said. "A couple of other people got paid. The Jets need to pay their guys."

So basically, it was the Raiders that screwed everything up again.

UPDATE: Pro Football Talk finally did what we expected; allow us to find out what Bob Glauber reported without having to pay for the article on Newsday's website. Yes!

Bob Glauber of Newsday reports that the Jets are willing to add six years to Revis' existing deal, which pays out more than $21 million over the next three seasons.  The end result could average $12 million per year and the total value would "approach $100 million or more."

In turn, Revis reportedly wants a randomly specific average of $16.2 million, considerably more than the $15.1 million annual average paid to Raiders cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.