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Sponsored Post: Win A Trip to a Party and a Concert With The Blue Light Refreshment Duo

This post is sponsored by Blue Light. The Blue Light Refreshment Duo are throwing a massive party in their Refreshment Headquarters and they want you to be there. You could be one of the lucky guys who rocks the snowy outdoors by day and parties with the Duo and the Blue Light Girls by night.  Just go to to find out more about how to enter to win a ticket for you and a friend.

Most of us are just like you. We're not particularly wealthy, or even remotely successful in some cases. My car makes funny noises that conveniently disappears when the trusted mechanic takes a gander. Even my grandmother's basement gets uncomfortably stuffy and my bag of cheetos tends to run out too quickly, making me pray to the cheesy kingdom of the gods for an instant refill. All of this mundane life routine stuff needs a timeout, right? Change it up a little.

What if I were to tell you that you could win a trip to a concert and hang out with two beautiful women in skin-tight snowsuits? Two. Beautiful. Women. Wearing. Skin-Tight. Snowsuits. And we're not talking about girls you find on the internet; they're actually real!

Go to, where you have the chance to win two tickets to, you know, have an awesome time with the Blue Light Refreshment Duo where you can talk about the finer points of the North American Free Trade Agreement and alternate energy sources. Dump that stale routine in life to party at a concert with two beautiful women wearing skin-tight snowsuits.