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Healthy Roy Williams Sporting a Lighter Brace on Forearm

It wouldn't be so bad if Roy Williams durability weren't such a pressing question. Having only played in seven games over the past two seasons with forearm injuries, it's naturally a concern that the Bengals should address the position with help through free agency.

But when he's healthy, he's good. In the season opener against the Denver Broncos last season, Williams led the defense with nine tackles, following that up with eight tackles against Green Bay and Pittsburgh, where he suffered a forearm injury that would eventually place him on Injured Reserve.

Stay healthy. Better Bengals defense. A good formula.

Williams will return for the 2010 season after agreeing to a one-year deal with the Bengals in early March.

According to CBS Sports, Williams is sporting a lighter brace.

SS Roy Williams, who’s missed huge chunks of the past two seasons because of forearm injuries, is wearing a lighter arm brace and says he feels completely healthy. “I’m great; I’m awesome. I have a new brace for my arm, and I’m feeling optimistic. (Defensive coordinator Mike) Zimmer wants me to wear it to sleep.”