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Report: Cedric Benson's Representatives Approached Bengals Management For A Contract Extension

In the 23 games that Cedric Benson has started with the Cincinnati Bengals, the team has won 59% of those games. And of the 23 games that he started, he's rushed for over 100 yards nine times -- all of which were celebrated with Bengals wins. Benson. Benson. Benson.

So it comes with some degree of thought that, with Benson's contract expiring after this season, the Bengals will need to decide whether or not to sign him at a value comparable to the best backs in the league. Furthermore, the Bengals are tasked with several expiring contracts in the new two seasons that could redefine the makeup of this team -- will they return or will the Bengals force themselves to rebuild again?

According to Dayton Daily News' Carlos Holmes, Cedric Benson's representatives have approached the Cincinnati Bengals regarding a contract extension that Holmes says, "appears to be on the horizon."

In my opinion, no running back on this team best personifies the style of offense they employ. Not only has he help make it successful, but he's flourishing in this system. Bernard Scott and Brian Leonard are good change-of-pace and third-down options. As a feature back? Do you go with what you know in Benson or take a chance that Scott can take the pounding between the tackles?

I know, I know. Little to do with this season, right? Consider this. Signing Benson now will help the Bengals long term. First of all, there's no need to worry about a new contract. Second of all, signing him now will be unquestionably cheaper than allowing Benson to hit the open market and have his value skyrocket because of his age (he'll be 28 this time next year) and the limited pounding during the first three seasons with Chicago (Benson never rushed the football more than 200 times).