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Nostradamus Question of the Day: Does Matt Jones Make the Roster?

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Oil change? Check. America playing in the World Cup? Check. America tying in the World Cup, calling it a victory nonetheless? Check. Tiger Woods kicking off his comeback tour around the nation to find out how many children he could have?

Scoring rules remain the same; low score wins.


Bengals wide receiver depth chart? Ummm.

While anything can happen from now until the end of the team's preseason, the one thing that's becoming clear is Matt Jones. Similar to Chick Ludwig, I don't believe Matt Jones will stick around when the regular season kicks off this year. After signing in February, Jones has been on the outside looking in. Unfortunately for Jones, the best argument he could make to surpass wide receivers like Andre Caldwell or Jerome Simpson was to have stellar practices during the offseason. Otherwise, he'd have no shot at taking Caldwell's spot for playing time and Jerome Simpson needed to do just a little more than Jones to keep his spot on the roster.

And even though he was signed, it didn't bode well that his first workout was so poor that Yahoo Sports! Jason Cole wondered why the Bengals signed him in the first place. Sometimes you nail it. Sometimes you miss it. Either way, they're looking.

Furthermore, it didn't help that the Bengals drafted two more wide receivers to make his Cincinnati future that much more murkier. Then reports coming from minicamp surfaced that Jones' offseason practices seem ordinary with many notes regarding his speed off the line. Joe Reedy wrote that Jones "has been getting off the line slow." ESPN's John Clayton wrote that Jones "looks a step slow, especially running outside routes" and James Walker writes "I wasn't too impressed with what I saw in minicamp." Carlos Holmes wrote:

Who needs Matt Jones when you have Jerome Simpson? That’s right, I would be flummoxed if Jones made the club over Simpson. There was not much to write home about regarding Jones’ performance in minicamp. He looked like just another guy and was outperformed by Simpson, who has struggled to see the playing field since being drafted. Both receivers are likely on the bubble considering the team’s depth at the position.

Jones is a long strider with little burst off the line and is not the most precise route runner. Not to mention he caught a lot of passes with his body rather than using his hands. You would also expect a guy his size to be more aggressive at the point of attack but that wasn’t the case.

The 6-foot-6, 218-pound Jones was pushed off his routes with little effort by smaller cornerbacks. The receiver made it easy for corners to jam him at the line of scrimmage. Jones is going to have to show the Bengals coaching staff more than adequacy in training camp if he’s looking to revitalize his career in Cincinnati.

Along with Jones, the battle for the sixth spot on the wide receiver depth chart will likely come down to Quan Cosby and Dezmon Briscoe.

  • Chad Ochocinco
  • Antonio Bryant
  • Jordan Shipley
  • Andre Caldwell
  • Jerome Simpson
  • Cosby/Briscoe/Jones

Then you have Freddie Brown, Chris Davis and Maurice Purify who appear as long shots at best.

Nostradamus Question of the Day: Knowing what you know, does Matt Jones make the squad?