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Introducing The Fantasy Football Commissioner League Discount

New, comment is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities. This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts related to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

One of those indicators that shows how football is far closer than you think: Fantasy Football. Last year we ran three different fantasy football leagues and, well, that was a bit much for a single commissioner who spent much of his obsession following the Bengals, detailing their games and analyzing things that needed to be analyzed. After that, I have to eat at least twice during any given week. If I didn't, then the Uruk-hai will find even less meat on my bones and be disappointed.

The Uruk-hai Fantasy Football Mock Draft can get a little tense.

This year SB Nation, and by extension Cincy Jungle, will be doing something different. SB Nation is partnering up with the award winning's Commissioner League, offering a 50% discount on all newly created leagues. You can sign on, create your own commissioner's league and run it how you see fit. Imagine, you're the Fantasy Football god, making up rules, setting it up how you want. I know, it's not free. But from what I hear,'s Commissioner League service is the best out there. So you have to pay a little for it. Not much. Through us, you get the discount.

I highly recommend you try because of some of these great features

  • Customization of entire league…rules, scores, teams +more
  • Multiple draft options including auction drafts
  • Ability to manage your league and team on your mobile phone
  • Expert and user generated analysis
  • Live chat/league instant messenger
  • Fast and incredibly accurate live scoring
  • Archived historic league data for future seasons
  • See more here:

To get you started SB Nation worked with to give you 50% off Commissioner fees for the first year plus a 14-day free trial. Learn more and get your discount here