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A Matter of a Case Closed II: Mounting Evidence That Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph Is The Best CB Duo

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We're not afraid to admit that sometimes we start trends. Not that there's any hard evidence of that considering that no one, and I mean no one, gives us credit for ideas that we roll out, sometimes accidentally. However, we used an article from someone else to further promote something that we already knew; the Cincinnati Bengals have the best cornerback duo in the NFL.

It's true. They do. Believe me. Our quest to find more like-minded people is an all-time high. It's not often that the Bengals have players at a position that are considered the best in the game. Granted, we're talking about two cornerbacks here. But how many other teams can say that they have the best duo of starting cornerbacks?

No one! And that's the point.

But our quest through the Lonely Mountain continues.

So when Scout Inc's Matt Williamson examined the league's best cornerbacks, you just knew I had to go all school-girl giddy and tell you all about it. He writes that the "Bengals have the best pair of starting cornerbacks in the league in Leon Hall and Johnathan Joseph" (ESPN Insider).

Unlike our own quest of promoting the best cornerbacks in the NFL, Williamson examines the entire roster of cornerbacks. And guess what? They're still damned good (ESPN Insider), he writes.

Hall and Joseph are entering the prime of their respective careers and already are superb at what they do. Joseph is probably a smidge more athletic, but Hall is more fundamentally sound and plays with a more physical demeanor. As a pair, they excel in both man and zone coverage, while still bringing a lot of big-play ability to the fold. They make the entire Bengals defense work.

Personally, I have high hopes for (Adam) Jones. I was very fond of his game before his off-the-field troubles and loved him as a prospect coming out of West Virginia. By several accounts, he still has the athletic ability, and I don't question his will to compete. Somewhat surprisingly, he still has a lot to learn about the cornerback position, but to me, this is an ideal situation for him to resurrect his once very promising career.

(Brandon) Ghee has a fine blend of length and speed. He flashed big-play ability at Wake Forest, but also didn't progress during his college career as might have been expected. Still, there is something to work with here, and he probably will not be thrust into a prominent position with this squad until he is properly coached up.

Morgan Trent is also a young player who could continue to progress, but I see him more as a No. 4 corner rather than a 3. David Jones and Keiwan Ratliff will add depth if they can make the team, but overall, things have gotten crowded at this position for the Bengals. Jones brings much more to the table than Ratliff, who figures to be the odd man out.

Few teams are in such good shape at corner as Cincinnati. Although he has not hesitated to put a lot of stress on his cover men before, defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer very well could blitz even more pass-rushers on an even more consistent basis in 2010. This defense is very strong, and Hall and Joseph are the backbone.