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The Daily Banter: When Cars Come Calling And You Must Answer The Phone

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Brutal. That's today. That was yesterday. I decided to have some work done on my car. First step was to fix the whole serious vibration issue. My car is old enough to remember Duyba's first election night. It's held together for years. No serious work has been done to it, which in itself is a blessing from those unexpected "problems". This week, I replaced two struts that cost some serious change, including the appearance of being absent on this site. Many apologizes, my minions. So let's get to it.

FIRST THINGS FIRST. Jason wrote a post on Tuesday that former Bengals offensive tackle Willie Anderson got the "in-retirement-blues" and is thinking of making a return. I've talked about Anderson many times in the four great years at Cincy Jungle and most of you know that he was one of my all-time favorite Bengals players. And while I'm always going to have a soft spot for the man that speaks his mind in a way that you can only respect, returning to Cincinnati not only seems like a long-shot, it's damned near impossible. First of all, the Bengals have talented tackles as it is. Second of all, Anderson has done more than enough to promote his hesitation talking about the Bengals front office on twitter. Not bad. Just reminding us how difficult negotiating with the Browns can be; not that he's saying anything new. I just don't see any scenario of his return to Cincinnati. But I wish him much luck on whatever he decides.

+ On Saturday two-game ticket packs will go on sale. The benefit of these packs over single-game tickets is priority for those that want playoff tickets.

+ While we've heard many things regarding negotiations with Cedric Benson, the Enquirer's Joe Reedy immediately brings us back down to earth, writing "according to multiple league sources, talks are still early enough that no one knows how they will materialize." This makes me think that Brad Johansen's tweet on Monday was simply the Bengals initial offer, if that.

+ With the Bengals returning most of the defense and the entire coaching staff, it's "allowed Zimmer to reinvent his playbook without missing a beat. Someone on offense said two-thirds of what the defense showed them this spring was completely different. That is going to be a major pain for offensive coordinators. They are playing fast and with confidence and versatility."

+ Wide receiver Chad Ochocinco spent the offseason on television. Safety Chinedum Ndukwe spend the offseason going to Harvard and Wharton business schools. Any takers on which player will have the more lucrative retirement?

+ As Jason pointed out on Tuesday, the Bengals released wide receiver Chris Davis, which shouldn't really come as much of a surprise.