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The Daily Banter: Big Willie's World Is Big; Dancing Only Makes Better Football Players

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+ On Wednesday we didn't believe that Willie Anderson's comeback tour would include any entertaining thoughts of rejoining the Bengals. Joe Reedy contacted Anderson, who said, "I don’t think they want me back but they don’t necessarily need me back. They continue to build for the future and most times teams that are in contention do not add a veteran unless there is a serious need."

+ Big Willie and Geoff Hobson talk about the most underrated Bengal ever, with Hobson lining up Anderson at the top of that list.

+ Esteban Chad Ochocinco Johnson believes that his work on Dancing with the Stars will help him on the football field.

“I believe the dancing is going to help my game at some point,” he said. “It worked different muscles in my body that I never worked before. I put in 10-hour days and that’s training. I will be training with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. in Vegas leading up to training camp. So I train all the time. When the whistle blows in September, I will be on my game.”

+ Dennis Roland is competing in the Bolivar Liberator Football Benefit golf tournament. Roland graduated from Bolivar high school in 2001.

+ James Walker lists the Bengals' Jordan Shipley as the top AFC North rookie drafted "in the third round or lower that could surprise in 2010."

+'s Pat Kirwin writes that the Cincinnati Bengals have the fourth best secondary in the NFL.

A terrific pair of starting corners (Hall and Joseph), a solid corner pickup in the draft (Ghee), and underrated safeties Chris Crocker and Chinedum Ndukwe make up a solid secondary. Roy Williams has a place in the secondary, but they may be better off without him. The Bengals generated only 34 sacks last year and that number should improve this season, thus helping the secondary.

+ Jason kicked off an ESPN discussion talking about the best Bengals team... ever. James Walker believes it was the explosive offensive of that tremendous 1988 squad. What I found interesting, perhaps a bit disheartening, is that the 2005 squad received honorable mention. I liked that squad a lot, but it's kind of depressing to see that two honorable mentions for best team in franchise history couldn't get out of the first round of the playoffs.

+'s Pete Prisco lists Bengals cornerback Leon Hall as the league's 39th best player.

This is a rising player at the corner position. He isn't a burner, but he has great technique and he knows how to play the ball.

+'s Geoff Hobson talks about Kyries Hebert's charity Ky Cares.

The way the foundation words it, it has been created “to enrich the lives of youth in southwest Louisiana as well as in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.”

+ The Baltimore Sun's Matt Vensel writes that the Bengals offense isn't the best in the division. In fact, he writes that Baltimore and Pittsburgh have better offenses than the Bengals.

+ The New York Giants claimed former Bengals and Titans receiver Chris Davis on Wednesday.

+ Corey Dillon pled not guilty to a "pair of misdemeanor DUI charges in California".