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Reedy: Bengals Have Agreed To Terms With Dez Briscoe

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Watching all of the rookies sign, some tend to get anxious. But if you factor trends, this isn't unusual for the Bengals, tending to wait a little while for the field to settle out, getting a better idea where their guys will be slotted.

The Bengals finally have made their first move.

According to Joe Reedy's tweet, the Bengals "have agreed to terms with sixth-round pick Dez Briscoe." Briscoe is expected to get a contract similar to most players in the league; the signing bonuses and guaranteed money is what differentiates most players from where they are selected. Earlier in the month, Reedy wrote regarding rookie contracts.

For most of the draft picks it should be the standard four-year, $1.79 million deal ($320,000 this year, $405,000 in 2011, $490,000 in 2012 and $575,000 in 2013) not including signing bonuses or other incentives. Also as set by the NFL, the Bengals have a rookie pool of $4.889 million.

Either way, it's nice to get on the board, right?

Now the question next for Briscoe is will he make the opening day roster or will the Bengals risk putting him through waivers to sign him to the practice squad?

UPDATE: It's official.

UPDATE: Joe Reedy suspects that the four-year contract is "likely worth $1.892 million ($1.79 million base, $102,000 signing bonus)."