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HBO Announces Lombardi

For years I was a faithful subscriber to HBO. Their original programming has always been top notch with greats like The Sopranos, The Wire, Rome (I loved Rome), Deadwood, Oz, Six Feet Under, among other shows that I'm sure you guys will chime in on. HBO was also once home to Inside the NFL for 31 years before the network decided to let the show go, which ended up on Showtime. Other shows like Hard Knocks generate a decent following of football fans who love watching what happens behind the scenes of an NFL team. And you have to love their boxing coverage if you're a fan.

Did you know that HBO's first sports related broadcast was a hockey game (New York Rangers vs. Vancouver Canucks on November 8, 1972)?

However our relationship ended a few weeks back. Cost was the reason. HBO was the victim. So sad to see you go.

The President of HBO Sports, Ross Greenburg, announced on Monday that the premium network will premiere a special about Vince Lombardi this December called "Lombardi."

“Vince Lombardi lived a remarkable life,” said Greenburg.  “There isn’t a football fan alive who has not heard of Vince or does not know his famous line, ‘Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing,’ but how much do people really know about this complicated genius?  We plan to peel back the layers for a biography that will serve as the definitive account of an NFL icon.”

“A philosopher once defined a great man as someone who never reminds us of anyone else.  Few men can match that criteria – Lombardi is one of them,” says NFL Films president Steve Sabol.  “He is the patron saint of pro football, and we are thrilled to once again partner with HBO in telling such a significant story.”

Now if we can only get them to check out Paul Brown while they're at it, right?