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Cincinnati Commandos Win Their First CIFL Title

The Bengals are still waiting to bring home Cincinnati's first ever NFL title, which is taking an agonizing long time. They've been to the Super Bowl twice, barely beaten by the San Francisco 49ers dynasty in the 80s. Since their last Super Bowl appearance in 1988 (technically, it was 1989 on the calendar by we're not about being all trivial and stuff), the Bengals have made the playoffs three times (1990, 2005, 2009) and won once (a 10-7 win over the Houston Oilers in the Wild Card round of the 1990 season).

While we wait, know that Cincinnati isn't without a professional football title.

On Saturday night, the Cincinnati Commandos won the Continental Indoor Football Title, beating the Wisconsin Wolfpack 54-40 at the Cincinnati Gardens. For Cincinnati Bearcats fans, quarterback Ben Mauk "won the CIFL Championship Game MVP for his performance", recording 195 yards passing, completing 18 of 29 passes, and four touchdowns. On a personal note, old friend and former Mason Comets teammate Jason Buckley is one of the team's coaches; so this is especially awesome.

Commandos owner/CEO Jim Smith has stated that "the team will be back for a second season and that it is his intention to continue growing the team's presence in the community."

Congratulations to the Commandos for their win. Now that they're relatively successful and that I actually have a small high school connection, might be worth checking them out a little more.