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Cedric Benson Hires Ben Roethlisberger's Attorney; Won't Make Public Comments For Now

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After Cedric Benson turned himself in to police based on charges that were filed nearly a full month after the incident, Benson's lawyer, Sam Bassett, has released a statement:

"Though he does not entirely agree with the version of facts recited in the court filings," Bassett said, "he does not wish to make his comments public at this time."

"Mr. Benson has always been willing to cooperate with the Austin Police Department to tell his version of what happened so long as he could have a lawyer present," he said. "The Austin Police Department decided to go forward with obtaining a warrant without obtaining Mr. Benson's side of the story."

Also, according to Adam Schefter, Benson hired attorney David Cornwell, "who also represented Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger." Cornwell said:

"Though we adamantly dispute Cedric committed a crime, Cedric will continue to cooperate with law enforcement, Bengals and NFL."