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David Cornwell Releases Statement on Cedric Benson's Behalf

With possibly millions on the line a reputation that has all been but restored, Cedric Benson takes his first step in fighting assault charges leveled at him on Tuesday. Benson's newest lawyer, David Cornwell released a statement on the running back's behalf, per Pro Football Talk.

"Late last month at a nightclub, Cedric Benson was asked to take pictures with some female fans," Cornwell says. "A man approached Cedric and objected to him posing for pictures with the women. Cedric explained that he had been asked to pose with the women and the man punched Cedric.

"An altercation followed and while Cedric was leaving the club, he was approached by another man aggressively. Believing this man was a friend of the man who had punched him; Cedric attempted to protect himself and continued out of the club. Immediately upon leaving the club, Cedric called the police. He was interviewed by the police and left the area.

"Two weeks ago while he was in Cincinnati, Cedric was contacted by a detective investigating the incident in Texas. Apparently, the second man who approached Cedric is an employee of the night club and claimed that Cedric punched him. Cedric agreed to be interviewed upon his return to Texas and provided his return date. Cedric was not contacted by the detective upon his return. This morning Cedric received a telephone call advising him that a warrant had been issued for his arrest. Cedric voluntarily made himself available, was taken into custody, and was released earlier today after posting bond.

"Upon his release, Cedric contacted Coach Marvin Lewis and the Commissioner's office to notify the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL of these events. Though we adamantly dispute that Cedric committed a crime, Cedric will continue to cooperate with law enforcement, the Bengals and the NFL in their investigation of these events."