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It's Official: Shayne Graham Signs with the Baltimore Ravens

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On Tuesday we wrote that Shayne Graham was nearing a deal with the Baltimore Ravens. From all reports, the deal was all but expected and team officials for the Ravens would be, reportedly, shocked if the Ravens couldn't sign the place kicker that's been kicking for the Bengals for the past seven seasons. And in those seven seasons, Graham's 85.217% field goal conversion ranks fifth in NFL history -- fourth among active kickers.

But it wasn't his regular season accuracy that was the problem, was it? In 2006, Graham missed a 39-yard field goal attempt against the Steelers that would have won the game with 12 seconds left; instead the game went into overtime and the Bengals lost on a 67-yard touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes on New Years Eve.

During the 2009 Wild Card game against the Jets, Graham missed a 28-yard field goal with 3:49 left in the game that would have brought the Bengals within seven points.

On Thursday, the deal between Graham and the Ravens became official when the kicker reportedly signed a one-year deal worth $2.5 million.

Comment of the day, courtesy of btcoop71 was this Pro Football Talk comment:

He tried to sign the contract, but missed badly and signed the desk instead.
You chuckled, didn't you?