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Antwan Odom Doesn't Fear Tearing Achilles Again

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Antwan Odom is back. In a report by C. Trent Rosecrans, Odom feels comfortable and confident that his Achilles will hold up after rupturing an Achilles tendon last year against the Houston Texans. We both know, anytime you use the word RUPTURE when talking about a body part, that's never good. What? She ruptured it? Nooo. It doesn't matter what it is. You just know that it is ruptured. And you scream, "Nooo." Well, that weekend was a long time ago, so we can move on.

"I don't have any pain or anything, I feel back to normal," Odom said. "I got over the fear of tearing it again, I just go out and play and whatever happens, happens."

Odom set the league on fire, recording seven quarterback sacks through the first two games last season -- five of which came against the Green Bay Packers.. and most of those came against a backup guard that had to play for Chad Clifton, who suffered an ankle injury during the game. Yes, Odom caused all sorts of hell for the Packers.

After that, Odom only recorded one sack in the next four games after basically single-handedly destroying the Packers offense.