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Marvin Lewis Says Shayne Graham Had Demons

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Now that we can officially move past the Shayne Graham period, it just makes since to have another Shayne Graham post. We're not going to rehash some of the things. Like how he one of the game's all-time accurate kickers. Or how he'll be best remembered for missing a few field goals that were critical, to say the least.

While he was saying all of the right things for the Baltimore press, and for the fans he's departing in Cincinnati, Marvin Lewis was candid and honest.

Said Lewis after Thursday’s practice: "He had an opportunity to come back here and regain what he had here. Unfortunately he has the demons of the last kicks here when he didn’t make them. He’s got to overcome those demons and whether he could come back to this locker room and overcome them. That’s what the fans remember around here is the kicks that he missed. I wish him good luck."

From Lewis' perspective, Graham just didn't want to deal with those demons. As a fan of the Bengals, my initial reaction was, whatever. As a human being, I can understand how sometimes those demons can be a bit much and you just want to move on with a new chapter in life.