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Bengals Banter: TGIF Edition; Terrell Owens, Injuries, Odom's goal

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+ Injury Update. Antwan Odom, Reggie Kelly and Chris Crocker are all on the field after either suffering a serious injury last season, or after having offseason surgery. Adam Jones sat out with tightness in his hamstring, Bernard Scott twisted his ankle and Dez Briscoe, still dealing with muscle soreness, should be back by minicamp. Maualuga had a cleanup procedure that will likely sideline him during minicamp, but should be ready for training camp.

+ The Bengals will need to cut at least nine players before training camp.

+ Antwan Odom's goal this year is to average two sacks per game. I like it.

+ Michael Johnson is Chick Ludwig's "breakout player of 2010". Hard to argue, but I'm not so sure. Johnson is learning a new position, while doing a bunch of shifting around between outside linebacker and defensive end. There will be an adjustment. But if I had to pick one, he's as good a choice as any.

+ Readers respond to James Walker's "Take Your Pick" between Carson Palmer and Joe Flacco. Note: Walker had ZERO Bengals players listed in the Top Ten of his top-40 AFC North list. Zero. I guess that's a good thing. Kind of shows that this team is a team.

+ Terrell Owens, the receiver that's third all-time with 144 receiving touchdowns, is still out of work and many suspect he'll remain without a team until an injury forces someone to pick him up.

+ The newest addition of his Playbook series, Matt Bowen breaks down the Inside Zone running play (stretch play) on offense.

+ John Clayton writes five rookies he expects to breakout in the 2010 season.

+ Jeff Chadiha writes five moves that will work and five moves that won't.