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Bengals Four-Game Packs on Sale Today

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Do you want season tickets but are unwilling to sell your kids on the black market to get them? I have a solution for you. In just two easy steps, you can have tickets to call your very own without having to rob a bank.

The Bengals began selling two different four game packs, the Orange Pack and the Black Pack, today. The Orange Pack comes with tickets to the September 19 game against Baltimore (the regular season home opener), the October 10 game against Tampa Bay, the November 8 game against Pittsburgh (Monday Night Football) and the December 5 game against the Super Bowl champion Saints.

The Black Pack comes with tickets to the October 31 game against Miami, the November 21 game against Buffalo, the December 19 game against Cleveland and the Sunday night game against San Diego on December 26.

Depending on the location of the seats, prices for a single four-game pack ranges from around $250 to just under $400 and WHEN the Bengals go back to the playoffs this year, people who have four-game packs get priority to keep their seats for any home playoff game. It's not a terrible deal.

So, if you'd like to join the party, and I suggest you do because it's awesome, you can order four-game packs here.