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Report: No Alcohol in Chris Henry's System; Vital Organs Donated to Someone in Need

The tragic death of Chris Henry will never be forgot by us. We'll remember the day when we heard the news. I remember first reading about it, questioning the story. It took me several postings from other sources to actually realize that his accident was real, that the injuries were that serious. I didn't believe it. I had fallen pray to so many erroneous internet reports in the past not to be cautious about something like that. After that, everything went down hill. The seriousness was far worse than we believed to the point that he wasn't expected to survive the night. Yet, we held out hope for the man that many of us believed had turned his life around so much.

Nearly six months after his death, a "toxicology report found no alcohol in Chris Henry's system" the night Henry was seriously injured, dying the following morning, according to the Associated Press.

As tragic as the story was, the end does provide something good. According to TMZ, Henry's "vital organs were donated to someone else in need."