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The Daily Banter: Ric Bucher Clarifies His "Cops Targeting Athletes" Comment

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+ The Enquirer's Joe Reedy decides to take a detailed look into Ric Bucher's remarks that the Cincinnati police are targeting athletes writing:

Of the 21 arrests since ‘05, four have been by Cincinnati Police, which doesn’t seem to indicate a pattern of profiling. Of the remaining 17, six were outside of Greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, three were by the Ohio Highway Patrol, three were in Covington, two in Boone County, and one each by Newport, Taylor Mill and Kentucky Fish and Wildlife (the Eric Steinbach boating incident).

Bucher slightly retracted his comments saying that he meant "more about the general area than Cincinnati Police specifically."

“It wasn’t the four-five years, the last 40 years there has always been perception. Whether it’s reality or not, I’ve had friends who have been of the opinion.  If I was going to put in proper (context), it’s a belief, opinion or (argument) rather than factual. If I erred it was specifically in the idea of saying Cincinnati police.”

To be honest, it's sad that we have to go here.

+ You can read Cedric Benson's affidavit here -- courtesy of the Enquirer.

+ Since you're Bengals fans, we have to apply our favoritism towards other things related to the Bengals. One of our own, Sarah J, is one of the three cheerleaders nominated for Miss Mashed. Vote for Sarah J by leaving "Sarah gets my vote" in the comments of her page.

+ Interesting top-five position rankings at safety by Josh Katzowitz and Andy Benoit.

+ The NFL Player's Association wants a six-year Collective Bargaining Agreement.

+ The Reds put up four runs in their final three at bats to beat one of the league's best pitchers in Roy Halladay and win two out of three against the Phillies.

+ The Steelers could be without another offensive tackle after rookie Chris Scott had surgery "to repair a broken foot -- an injury he sustained while working out at the University of Tennessee, his alma mater."

+ ESPN'S NFL Matchup will stay on the air for another four years.

+ The Columbus Blue Jackets made an "interesting move" in claiming Ethan Moreau off waivers, which should bolster the team's overall checking line, per Matt MacLean.

+ Squidbillies will be introducing a new character in July named Tom Treebow.