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Local 12 to Air Monday Night Game Against the Steelers and Thanksgiving Game Against the Jets

There are people that exist that do not have ESPN. I know, right? How could you not have ESPN? If you're a sports fan, you get cable or satellite TV just so you can have the collection of ESPNs, Fox Sports, the Big Ten network, the MLB, NFL, NBA and NFL networks and Versus. Alright, maybe not Versus. But many people have a rough go of things and having ESPN isn't one of those things that's high on their priority list.

So what do Bengals fans do without ESPN when they the Steelers on Monday Night Football? What do Bengals fans without the NFL Network (like 90% of you) do when they play the Jets on Thanksgiving night?

They rely on ol' trusty Local 12 of course. WKRC-TV announced on Thursday that they'll be airing special broadcasts, showing both games in their entirety. At least dating back to when Marvin Lewis joined the Bengals, any time that Cincinnati played on a network that wasn't available to everyone, Local 12 rose to the challenge -- the fact it will likely be the most watched channel in the region probably has something to do with it.

And this year is no different.