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One Thing Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns Fans Can Agree On

There is no joy in Mudville -- a.k.a. Cleveland -- these days, because mighty LeBron has struck out...for Miami. While I can't honestly say I'm shedding any tears for Cleveland Cavalier fans, I do feel your pain. Back in 1978, I was 12 years old and I can still remember running upstairs to my room, pulling my autographed picture of Pete Rose out of its frame and ripping it to tiny pieces after Charlie Hustled off to Philadelphia. And to this day, it's that, not any of the gambling crap, that I can't forgive him for.

But, in the interest of solidarity, there's one thing that both Cincinnati and Cleveland have that can never be taken away. And that's the best there's ever been. I've seen some debate in recent days as to whether King James is a bigger moron than Art Modell. Oh, that's not even close: it's Modell by a mile.