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The 2010 NFL Supplemental Draft Features Four Eligible Players

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Today is the 2010 NFL Supplemental Draft. I know, I know. Big deal, right? Well, typically it's not. Typically it comes and goes and typically, a player, maybe two, are selected. A few years, like 2007 and 1998, two players were drafted in mid-July. And some years, like 2008, 2001, 2000, no one was. The Cincinnati Bengals have only drafted one player during the Supplemental Draft in their history -- Ahmad Brooks in the third round in 2006.

There are four eligible players this year.

  • DT Josh Price-Brent, Illinois
  • RB Harvey Unga, BYU
  • RB Quentin Castille, Northwestern (La.) State
  • WR Vanness Emokpae, Truman State (Mo.)

The rules are simple. If a team is interested in drafting one of the eligible players, they place a bid with the league office; a bid basically being the round that you're drafting the player. If no team bids higher, then that player is awarded to the team that bid for him and gives up the equivalent pick in the next NFL Draft. For example, if the Bengals bid a third round pick for Unga, then to outbid the Bengals, another team must use a higher pick. If no one does, then the Bengals are awarded that player, but must sacrifice their third round pick in next year's draft.

Note: The last player from the Ohio State University drafted in the Supplemental Draft was Cris Carter in 1987. The Philadelphia Eagles picked him up in the fourth round.

A total of 38 players have been selected in the NFL dating back to 1977, most of whom, especially recently, were declared ineligible by the NCAA (either with rules violations or academic reasons).

Cincinnati does have interest in BYU running back Harvey Unga. Will they make a bid for him or are they just being diligent on scouting the player, especially if they play the team he's drafted by this year? We'll see.