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The Daily Banter: Bengals Most Likely Target For Unga Amongst AFC North Teams

+ The Cincinnati Bengals were one of three AFC North teams that sent representatives to Harvey Unga's workout last week. The others being the Browns and Steelers with James Walker conjecturing that the Bengals are the most likely target. Aaron Wilson writes that Unga will definitely get drafted, possibly as high as a third or fourth round pick. "Under a worst-case scenario, he's not expected to go any lower than the fifth round or sixth round." It's already known that the St. Louis Rams will not participate but the New York Jets are interested in Unga. If the bids for Unga reach the third round, the Kansas City Chiefs "may not be interested".

+ The Green Bay Packers opened their ledgers this week.

On a conference call, the Packers revealed that overall revenue grew by $10 million to a record high $258 million this past year and that the bottom line also grew. The Packers’ net profit was $5.2 million, up from $4 million the previous year.

But like most things, it’s not quite that simple. The operating profit, the number the owners are going to cling to, dropped significantly. The Packers reported an operating profit of $9.8 million, which is less than half of the $20.1 million it was at a year ago and far off from the $34 million the figure stood at from 2006-2007. Team president Mark Murphy said player costs are growing at twice the rate of revenue. Yes, you can expect to hear more of that in the near future.

Acme Packing Company weighs in.

+ An anonymous coach, scout or front-office person recently spoke glowingly about Bengals owner Mike Brown.

• "It's ironic, for how often Mike Brown is called cheap, how much he takes care of his people. I was out of the league for a year and not under contract, and Mr. Brown covered my family medically. He did not have to do it. He just did. When you look at integrating minorities into the NFL and letting them be stars, letting them be themselves, the Brown family was one of the first. How many other places do you think Chad (Ochocinco) could pull off the (shenanigans) he pulls off?"

I don't think anyone has degraded his character as a human being; just an NFL owner.

+ Blogging the Boys Rafael Vela predicts that the Bengals will finish in third place in the AFC North. Honestly, I'm loving this underdog role we're being given again. I'll take that every year.

+ The Enquirer's Joe Reedy says that the Bengals defense is the strength of the team and the passing offense "needs to produce." Do you ever get to the point that when anyone says anything about the Bengals, it seems like you've read and wrote it before? Have we become so integrated with what we know that most of our reactions turn to, "yes, yes" as if squatting a fly away? I'm by no means referring to Reedy. But it's definitely to the point that we're rehashing points we've had and written for the past few months. This, my children, is June and July in a nutshell.

+'s Mike Wilkening (by way of Yahoo Sports!) writes that Bernard Scott is an AFC North Fantasy Sleeper. I love Scott, but a sleeper? If Benson goes down, I believe that the Bengals will use another option as a feature back, knowing that while Scott did well the brief time that he was the feature back, he also ended that role injured.

+ Former Bengals special teams ace Heranda-Daze Jones was released by Arizona. Will the Bengals bring him back as a special teams role?

+ The next team that could be in-line to pick up the quarterback of the future that would get paid ridiculously more than Pro Bowl veterans: Jacksonville Jaguars.

+ The Baltimore Sun's Matt Vensel writes that defensive tackle Terrence Cody will have the biggest impact amongst all of the Ravens rookies.

+ The League's Question of the Day: Is this the end of the road for Terrell Owens? The latest interesting marriage speculated is between Owens and the Patriots. Pats Pulprit's Greg Knopping writes that he'd pass while in a poll embedded to that post, 68% of their community disagrees and would like to see Owens.

+ Behind the Steel Curtain's Michael Bean and quarterback Charlie Batch indicate that Dennis Dixon could be the starting quarterback while Ben Roethlisberger serves his suspension.

+ Various media has speculated that Adrian Peterson missed the Vikings mandatory minicamp because he wants a new deal. Daily Norseman's Christopher Gates argues that the speculation holds no merit, not believing that Peterson will be an issue this year.

+ Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards is projected as being the starting quarterback heading into training camp. So I take it Ryan Fitzpatrick still isn't impressing much.

+ The Phinsider's Matty I wonders if Dolphins fans need to worry about a trend of players getting busted by the law.

+ Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller is being projected as having a role similar to what Percy Harvin was last year with the Vikings.

+ Gang Green Nation predicts that Santonio Holmes won't play with the Jets beyond this year.

+ After signing quarterback rookie John Skelton, speculation is that if Matt Leinart falters, the fifth round draft pick could be the eventual heir as the future quarterback.