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Fantasy Football Returns At CincyJungle For 2010

Since our existence, we've had fantasy football in one form or another. And every year I'm reminded that my fantasy football skills are about as good as Gollum's Commencement Speech about the dangers of material obsessions.

You can be your own commissioner and owner of a league by using Fantasy Football Commissioner package. SB Nation secured a 50% discount for you to purchase a Commissioner League for you and your buddies. If you buy a league, obviously forcing your friends to pay up an equal share to make the cost minimal, you'll have live scoring through the GameTracker, expert and up-to-date Fantasy news and analysis and virtually customization on everything. You can access your league through the phone, use a live chat/instant messenger within your league to endlessly talk trash. This league literally pounds Yahoo Sports! and ESPN's Fantasy Football leagues into the ground with enough energy left over to pillage nearby villages and drink mead with wenches until the sun arises.

The best part? Being a Commissioner, you can set the rules how you like them. Playing God sometimes feels good; though I duck away from the lightening bolt that just passed overhead while sitting indoors behind my desk. Yikes!

If you want to start up a league with your Cincy Jungle friends, fire one up. If you're not sure about paying for fantasy football, allows a 14-day trial without having to pay. Use this link to secure a discount and then call your friends to join. You won't find this deal, this cheap for a service this great, any where else. You certainly won't find this level of service free. So in the great words of Derek Zoolander, "Do it."