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Bengals and Georgetown College Announce Agreement For Training Camp in 2011

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In a recent posting that talked about the showdown between head coach and owner, Chick Ludwig wrote a series of examples that Mike Brown doesn't make decisions until he wants to make them. One of those examples is the long-standing use of Georgetown College for the team's Training Camp and how each time an extension comes up, Brown agrees to less and less years. Ludwig wrote:

After an original seven-year contract (1997-2003) with Georgetown College, followed by a two-year extension (2004-05), the Bengals are going year by year with Georgetown as the Bengals’ summer home.

As of Thursday night, the Bengals had no Training Camp home in 2011 -- if that even matters provided there's no work stoppage. As of Friday morning, the Bengals announced that they have agreed to "another one-year agreement with  the Georgetown, Ky., school to hold the 2011 training camp at the East Campus Athletic Complex."

“We’re happy to join our good friends in Georgetown to announce that our partnership will reach the 15-year mark,” said Bengals vice president Troy Blackburn in a news release.

“The length of the relationship is reflective of the college’s excellent facilities and professional staff. We remain convinced of the benefits of starting our season in a camp situation, and Georgetown provides us with exactly what we need, including a location (one hour from downtown Cincinnati) that makes camp visits possible for many of our fans.”

“We are excited about our continuing relationship with the Bengals and look forward to a 15th year,” Georgetown College athletic director Eric Ward said in the same statement. “It will be our goal, just as it has been for the past 13 years, to create a suitable environment for the Bengals to prepare for a Super Bowl run and the fans to enjoy a unique training camp experience.”

As to whether they'll even need to use the facility is another matter. By this time next year, we could be cheering on the Reds and that's it.