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The Daily Banter: Bengals Kickoff Training Camp THIS Week

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Later this week, the Bengals will kickoff this year's Training Camp sessions. That's right. It's later this week. Oh, how far we've come from the desolate offseason to the hyper-activity of Training Camp, preseason, regular season and the post season (you know it's going to happen). As the Bengals kickoff later this week, we'll be previewing a lot this week, ranging from previewing regular season games, to positions on the squad and unique feature articles.

If you learn anything this week, it's that we're approaching what we've waited for all of this time. Can you feel? I could tear down a wall and spin out a slow driver in the fast lane I'm so pumped.

+ Friday night news regarding an imminent marriage between Terrell Owens and the Bengals surfaced. Not only was this somewhat unexpected, it generated enough momentum that there's believed to be some concern about Antonio Bryant's knee that he struggled with in 2009. The general feeling is that if Owens is signed in response to Bryant's knee, then it makes sense. If there's no issues with Bryant's knee, then it doesn't make sense to sign Owens only to stagnant the growth of our younger receivers.

While the Bengals and Owens are being matched together, the St. Louis Rams are reportedly getting to decide if they'll be potential suitors.

+ The annual pre-training camp media luncheon will be held today at Paul Brown Stadium. No, we weren't invited... again.

+ The Enquirer's Joe Reedy examines Training Camp storylines.

+'s Gregg Doyle takes Chad Ochocinco to task because he's doing more than playing football during the offseason and therefore will not make the hall of fame.

+ Chick Ludwig remembers Bengals training camps in the past.

+ Peter King expects Bengals rookie tight end Jermaine Gresham to shine early.