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Mike Brown: Bengals Are Interested And Talking With Terrell Owens.

As if we didn't need more things to talk about with Terrell Owens, the Bengals essentially confirmed that they are interested in Owens during the annual Pre-Training Camp Media Luncheon. The Mothership Captain tweets that Mike Brown said: "It is up to him. We have interest. We are talking to him."

This, of course, solidifies the theory that Antonio Bryant's knee is a concern -- which we've been suspecting since Friday evening when news of an imminent deal was reported by TMZ. We have a hard time believing that the Bengals would stall the development of their younger receivers for a 37-year old Owens whose skills have largely diminished unless there was a lot of concern growing for Bryant's health, which begs the question: They did give Bryant a physical, right?

The St. Louis Rams are the only team known to have interest in Owens.

UPDATE: Of course, a certain Bengals offensive lineman whose embraced Twitter and owns a few burger joints Tweets: "I'm hearing Bengals will sign Terrell Owens. In meetings all day and night weighing decision." He continued that the "team is not satisfied with where they're at with receivers."