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NFL Network Releases Bengals Preseason Television Schedule

Much like the preseasons before, the NFL Network will offer up all 65 preseason games. Granted, only ten games will be live -- including the Bengals August 15 preseason game against the Denver Broncos -- but if you're out of the market, and have the NFL Network, you'll be able to watch every game.

Like me, stuck in the Time Warner rut? For the first time, will offer you a chance to watch every preseason game in HD online for $40 a month. I know what you're saying. Why would Roger Goodell have a problem with fans paying so much for preseason games, but have you pay $40 to watch them from home? But we've long decided that we're not the one's to figure out the universe's more complicated questions -- such as my ten-year quest to find the perfect ingredients to make General Tsos Chicken on my own.

Here's a list of the Bengals preseason schedule on the NFL Network.

Date Time Opponent
Monday, August 9 1:00 PM Dallas Cowboys
Sunday, August 15 7:00 PM Denver Broncos
Saturday, August 21 4:00 PM Philadelphia Eagles
Sunday, August 29 2:00 AM Buffalo Bills
Sunday, September 5 1:00 PM Indianapolis Colts