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Bengals Reportedly In Official Contract Negotiations With Terrell Owens; Rams No Longer Interested

If the Bengals are one of two known teams that in the mix for signing Terrell Owens and his desire is to sign with the most competitive team, then Cincinnati makes the most sense for Owens. It's been reported that the Rams were also interested, even deciding to take a hard look on Monday as to whether they'd like to go in that direction. Pro Football Talk reportedly were "told that other teams are interested, but not at the same level of urgency" on Monday afternoon. We are, of course, suspicious. Furthermore, Mike Brown was honest in that the Bengals are interested in Owens during Monday morning's Pre-Training Camp Media Luncheon.

Either way, from Friday night until Monday afternoon, the leading candidates appeared to be the Bengals and Rams. However, as of Monday afternoon, the leading candidate now becomes the Cincinnati Bengals. According to a Jay Glazier tweet, the St. Louis Rams are no longer interested in Owens.

I am reporting that the Rams are NOT going to pursue signing T.O. They have decided to go a different direction. They are out of this.

If you were a betting man, wouldn't you put the house on the Bengals signing Owens within a day?

UPDATE: As per reader Brian.Combs, according to the Associated Press, the Bengals and Owens are officially in contract negotiations.