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Is He Already A Free Agent Bust: Bengals Coaches "Lukewarm" On Antonio Bryant

One of the reasons we suspect that the Bengals want Terrell Owens, who was recently handed a contract offer by the Bengals, was that Antonio Bryant's knee was still being a bit problematic, especially late during offseason practices in which his knee reportedly became sore.

However, that might not be just the case.

According to Adam Schefter (via a Gregg Rosenthal tweet), the Bengals coaches "are lukewarm on Antonio Bryant". We're not exactly sure what that means -- could it be the knee, or could it be that the Bengals weren't all that impressed during offseason workouts. If that's the case, then that should be a real cause for concern, having given Bryant a four-year $29 million deal this year. Perhaps the same guy is the one grading Coles graded Bryant. And perhaps that guy should be fired.

Chris Mortensen was a bit more direct writing:

And to reiterate from weekend - Antonio Bryant's knee/ off-season performance disconcerting for Bengals. Bad FA signing.

Look at it this way, before Training Camp has even gotten started, Bryant is now considered a free agent bust and Terrell Owens is the god-send to save us. Good god. What a day this has become.