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Report: New York Jets Expressing Interest In Terrell Owens

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The Cincinnati Bengals officially offered wide receiver Terrell Owens a deal with the hope for a response within 48 hours for the receiver to make it in time to training camp. The St. Louis Rams were the only known team to have reportedly expressed interest with several unknown teams that we suspect are being pedaled by agent Drew Rosenhaus to drive Owens' demand upward. However, the Rams stepped out and the Bengals remained the only known team.

However, a new team has emerged.

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, the New York Jets are "exploring" the idea of signing Owens.

The Jets have contacted Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, and have debated the idea of bringing the high-profile wide receiver to training camp.

A deal between the Jets and Owens still is considered a longshot; one person estimated the Jets' chances at signing the high-profile wide receiver at "20 percent."

Schefter writes that the Bengals remain the favorite. Even with that being the case, the contract that Owens could demand may increase. And therefore, there's another reason why Bengals fans have found lately to hate the New York Jets.