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Message to New Users: Welcome To Cincy Jungle

If you're new to the site, finding us during recent Terrell Owens news and discovering that we're pretty badass and worth your time hanging out, then make yourself known, introduce yourself, tell us stories of your fandom of our favorite team. We're all brothers of a common purpose and we're about to enter a season with high expectations, building on a defense and offense on a team that went to the playoffs with a 10-6 regular season record and a division sweep (that never gets old to say).

Also, make sure you follow us on Twitter, which pushes all of our posts out that you can grab anywhere at anytime. Sometime we only post things on Twitter to encourage you to follow us.

In the past week, Terrell Owens news has surfaced and taken front and center of the Bengals universe. Let's call the Bengals universe the Jungle, because it's more appropriate and, well, it's more badass. And yes, I'm all about badassery today. You can catch up all news and rumors on Owens here, which is basically a repository of our Owens posts.

Also this week, we're kicking off our Training Camp preview. Roughly posting five articles per day heading into training camp with position previews, expectations and other things. You can keep tabs here and pick up on postings that you may have missed.

Again, if you're new and want to chat about the Bengals, make yourself known and say hello.