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ESPN Reports Vendor Violations: Cold Hot Dogs and Scratching Yourself With Spatulas

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A recent ESPN Outside the Lines report lists vendor inspection reports (h/t WDR) which are "based on most recent routine inspections or equivalent of a full inspection. The score is based on the percentage of vendors in violation of health requirements." How did our locals score?

Paul Brown Stadium
Cincinnati Bengals
Vendors with critical violations: 31%
Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors found a few stands where hot dogs were being held at unsafe temperatures, among other violations.

Great American Ball Park
Cincinnati Reds
Vendors with critical violations: 40%
Inspection report excerpt: Inspectors saw an employee scraping food debris from a spatula using the trash bin and then trying to continue using the same spatula without cleaning it.

Keeping hot dogs are unsafe temperatures. That's not like the sacred and super-disaster of camping, is it? No. And who doesn't use a spatula for nearly everything? While cooking cheeseburgers on the grill, I'm pretty sure that I've used it to scratch body parts. I mean, what else are you going to do during the slow simmer to prepare for cheeseburger orgies?

But if you need more proof that D.C. is full of crap, this report on the Verizon Center that houses the Washington Wizards and Washington Capitols will help. "Mice droppings, a critical violation in Washington, were found at at least 10 vendors."