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Bengals Sign Terrell Owens To One-Year Deal

Well, the waiting is over. The story has concluded and the first chapter where characters are introduced and the events of the story are laid out. That's right. According to Pro Football Talk, Terrell Owens has signed with the Cincinnati Bengals on Tuesday, citing league sources. The Bengals official twitter account had claimed the same thing, that a source has the Bengals agreeing to terms with Owens.

The reasons for signing Owens have been examined frequently on these pages in recent days, ranging from concern regarding Antonio Bryant's knee (or the coaches being lukewarm with Bryant) to the general worry that the team's roster of receivers are just too inexperienced for the Bengals to feel comfortable with.

The move makes sense, if for only it gives the team an insurance policy on both scenarios above. As for actually getting themselves into that scenario, well, that's another posting.

The one-year deal is worth $2 million with another $2 million in incentives, according to Adam Schefter.

Your turn. Agree or disagree.