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If Terrell Owens Achieves Incentives, Bengals Offense Could Dominate

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Did you hear? The Bengals signed Terrell Owens earlier on Tuesday. While the one-year deal is a relatively surprising $2 million, the contract also holds $2 million with incentives.

According to PFT, those incentives are:

...Owens will get $333,333 each if he reaches the following benchmarks: 60 catches, 900 yards, and ten touchdowns.

Owens caught 55 passes for 829 yards and five scores last year while catching passes in a dreadful passing attack in Buffalo.

T.O. can also earn one third of a million if he tops 100 catches, 14 TDs, and 1,300 yards. Those figures will be very difficult to top with Chad Ochocinco, Antonio Bryant, Jermaine Gresham, and Andre Caldwell cutting up a somewhat limited receiving pie.

Will he reach those incentives? It should be noted that through all of this, the Bengals still consider themselves a smash mouth offense. Will that change? Probably. But even if they become more balanced, in terms of play-calling, ball distribution might not be enough for Owens to achieve those incentives. Either way, the Bengals literally could have the most balanced offense they've had since the 2005 season.