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The Daily Banter: Reactions To Terrell Owens Signing

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+ Chad Ochocinco, the most excited NFL player in the world right now, responds to the signing.

+ Geoff Hobson writes that there was no thought of Terrell Owens coming to Cincinnati on Friday morning. Owens' people called and everything just feel into place.

+ Yahoo's Jason Cole writes that the combination of Owens, Ochocinco and Antonio Bryant could "become the most explosive combination in the NFL this side of Indianapolis and New Orleans."

But for all those who think this combination of ego-centric beings is a recipe for disaster, there is another way to look at it: If this goes as planned, the Bengals could have their best team since 2005.

+ NFL Network's Steve Wyche writes that the Owens and Ochocinco combination could be a beautiful thing.

In assessing Owens' options -- and there weren't many -- it seems like a great fit after he agreed to terms with the Bengals on Tuesday. Owens and fellow loquacious wideout Chad Ochocinco will form a tandem that could cause major problems for AFC North cornerbacks who aren't as good as the ones "T.Ochocinco" will face in practice every day. Owens, even at age 36, is better than any of the other receivers on the Bengals' roster besides No. 85.

+ ESPN's James Walker asks if Terrell Owens will start in Cincinnati:

The contracts say Bryant, but the safe money is on Owens. Bryant has been underwhelming since joining the Bengals this offseason, and his surgically-repaired knee that's coming along slower than expected is a major reason.

What's interesting is that Cincinnati chose Bryant over Owens several months ago in free agency. Now it appears the Bengals are backtracking that decision by covering those tracks and potentially making Owens the starter this year instead.

+ Walker also writes that there's five good reasons why T.O. works in Cincinnati.

+ Paul Daugherty says it's time to loosen up and have some fun with these Bengals.

+ Joe Reedy writes a series of random thoughts about Terrell Owens.

+ While former Bengals defensive lineman and current media apprentice (is that a good word), John Thornton thinks the move is good on the surface. However, he rightly so asks the question about former receiver acquisitions.

I will continue to stress that somebody has to be the fall guy in all of this. Mike Brown should ask the guy who stood on the table to draft WR’s Jerome Simpson and Andre Caldwell in front of DeSean Jackson back in 2008, what did he really see? He needs to ask why the Pro Personnel department blew it on WR L Coles in 2009, and why wasn’t WR Antonio Bryant enough to make the passing game better. And don’t forget the drafting of TE Jermaine Gresham and WR Jordan Shipley this past April.

+ Fox Sports' Alex Marvez writes that the Cincinnati Bengals have now become a circus. Personally, I always remember circus' being fun. And if the Bengals win, then the circus will be fun indeed.

+ National Football Post's Matt Bowen takes a look at the Owens signing from a purely football perspective (thank god).

The NFP’s Randy Cross mentioned Owens doing the “dirty work” in Cincinnati. What Randy is talking about is the 3-step passing game. Think of the slant, the hitch, the smash, etc. When the Bengals come out in a 3x1 set to the field, expect Owens to align as the “X” receiver (split end) and run the slant. Big body, big hands. Tough for a CB to make a play. In the red zone that translates to the one-step slant and fade. Something the Bengals wanted out of Laveranues Coles, but didn't get in the '09 season.

Basic routes we are talking right now, but still something you need in the playbook to move the ball—especially against pressure defenses that force the QB to make a decision. Something Cincy will see from Pittsburgh and Baltimore.