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Marvin Lewis: Antonio Bryant's Knee Not A Concern; Will Not Go On PUP

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So there goes another one of my theories -- one that was propagated by many league insiders. Antonio Bryant's knee was such a concern, that the Bengals jumped on the chance to negotiate with Terrell Owens when Drew Rosenhaus contacted the team on Friday. Instead, it might appear that the coaches really are lukewarm with the receiver, despite an earlier PFT report that Bryant is a strong candidate for the Player Unable to Perform list.

While the team starts gathering at Georgetown, Geoff Hobson asked about Bryant's knee, to which he tweets, "Lewis checks in no concern of bryant s knee. Mountain out of molehill."

Furthermore, deep inside a report Tuesday night, Mothership Captain Geoff Hobson writes:

Contrary to published reports, Bryant is not going to start the season on the physically unable to perform list (PUP). After the Bengals were satisfied with a checkup of Bryant's knee two weeks ago in Arizona, he'll be on the field Thursday morning for practice, which makes him ineligible for PUP.

If that's the case, and if Bryant is with the team healthy, then there's a good reason for general excitement of having a trio that some are considering explosive, if not entertaining (on the field).