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Bengals Ticket Sales Increase After Terrell Owens Signing

I asked my Twitter brethren, will the Bengals sell tickets, eliminating the long-running story line that the team struggles to sellout home games, now that Terrell Owens has signed. Some suggested \ no, because fans are still boycotting the Bengals. However, in the past 24 hours, it would seem that, yes, the Bengals are actually selling more tickets now that Owens is a Bengal.

Andrew Brown, director of ticket sales, said Wednesday morning that since the news of Owens' signing broke Tuesday night the Bengals have sold more season tickets than they did all last week combined. Brown called action "brisk but not overwhelming," and said single-game tickets have also spiked with the Sept. 19 home opener against the Ravens in the lead. The Nov. 8 Monday night game against the Steelers has already been hot and Brown says tickets are limited.

Last year, the Bengals needed five extensions to prevent local television blackouts to sell remaining tickets for a "sellout".