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Terrell Owens Will Wear #81

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Will Terrell Owens ask for #81? Will Antonio Bryant, the former champion of big free agent acquisitions dethroned by a 36-year old, give it up if asked? It's not uncommon for new players to have familiar numbers taken by a player that arrived earlier -- in Bryant's case, only a few months. Typically, a few dollars change hands, a handshake, a clasp on the back and everyone is back to business. One has to believe that Owens being the elder in this scenario, seems like that means a lot in the NFL, that Bryant wouldn't give Owens any problems.

And he won't.

During NFL Network's Total Access, Warren Sapp (of all people) "reported" that Terrell Owens will keep his "signature number" with the exchange of an unknown sum of money -- some of which will go to charity. Now that "story" is resolved, we can be relieved with a heavy sigh, cold beer and some Kings Island fireworks.