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Carlos Dunlap Contract Details

Terrell Owens (who?) came to Cincinnati and everything else turned into a breeze during a hurricane -- I guess something like that would go a bit unnoticed (bad analogy?). For instance, news that Jordan Shipley and Roddrick Muckelroy agreed to deals with the Bengals on Tuesday (Shipley officially on Wednesday), was an afterthought that not even Jimmy Page could ignore. Today, the team's second round pick, Carlos Dunlap, signed a four-year deal. We didn't know the terms of the contract at the time. According to Aaron Wilson, the "deal is worth almost $3.57 million and includes $1.779 million in guaranteed money, per league source."

Dunlap received a $1.228 million signing bonus.

His base salaries are the standard ones of $320,000, $405,000, $490,000 and $575,000.

Dunlap is expected to play a role as a situational defensive end, sort of like a Michael Johnson role from last year. Johnson, last year's long athletic defensive end that was red flag with work ethic issues, has been working as an outside linebacker. So it's presumed that Johnson's role will be a combination of outside linebacker and defensive end, most likely depending on situations. Mostly.

[Note: I thought about writing "Showing me the money" as pre-header for the posting's title and thought you guys would butcher me, therefore the explanation for the bland title]