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Bengals WR Terrell Owens Misses Flight; Chad Ochocinco Says It'll Be Very Disappointing To Miss Super Bowl

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Bengals newest wide receiver, and eventual Hall of Famer, Terrell Owens missed a red eye flight from Los Angeles to Cincinnati overnight. He wasn't expected to participate during the morning's practice and the 11:45 AM scheduled press conference will be pushed back, most likely after the 7 PM practice. Joe Reedy writes that it'll be questionable he'll make the evening practice. But that's not really important right now.

What's important is the positive reception that Bengals receiver Andre Caldwell, who is expected to see a reduction in playing time, shows for the Owens addition.

"I get to learn from another great player," Caldwell said of his suitemate. "Hopefully I can just watch and learn and feed off what he has to offer."

"I don't know how everything is going to work out," Caldwell said. "I just have to keep grinding."

But it's Chad Ochocinco, who basically in his mind, just scored the ultimate Christmas present -- slightly better than the Red Battlizer Power Rangers Operation Overdrive 5-Inch Mach Action Figure (of course). Speaking with 106.7 The Fan in Washington DC, Chad said...

On the Offense:

“We’re gonna have a great offense. In a way I don’t think people really understand the impact that Terrell will have on us as an offense. Having his presence out there. Since the game of football has been played has there ever been two receivers of this caliber on the field at the same time? There’s always a number one, there’s always a number two, and there’s somewhat of a drop-off at number two, but I think its sorta evened out as far as level of play and level of consistency that we’ve had over the years and this is going to be really interesting to see what defenses are going to do to take not just us away, but then you have to deal with (Jordan) Shipley, you have to deal with (Jermaine) Gresham, the new tight end, you got Andre Caldwell, you still got Matt Jones, and we got the running game. What do you do? It’s like a dream team in a sense and anything short of a Super Bowl will be very disappointing.”

On T.O. changing coverages that he'll see:

“The whole point is I’m not sure how much film you guys actually watch for real, but I am doubled every game first, second, and third down. It’s my offensive coordinator’s job to move me around and put me in positions to elude the double team or what usually happens is I have to wait until the running game is successful or we hurt them with other receivers enough to where it loosens up a bit. Having TO on the field, having that presence, and that consistency, at some point it’s going to change. I have no idea what the thought process of defensive coordinators are going to be now with someone like that on the other side so I’m excited to see what’s going to happen. Forget just the passing game. The running game is going to be ridiculous because we’re a run-first team now.”

You noted it, didn't you? The one thing that caused the rise of The People's Eyebrow. If you missed it, or you quickly scanned the quotes, I'll retype them (aka, copy and paste). "It’s like a dream team in a sense and anything short of a Super Bowl will be very disappointing." Yes, yes. And very exciting, if you ask me. I worry sometimes about the high expectations and the reactions on this squad of missing those expectations. We know we have a talented group. We also know we have a group of personalities. How they'll react when things don't go their way will be very interesting.

But that's also why you have to love this team. Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis are loading everything they can into this roster to win today. And if they don't win this year, it will be disappointing. Super Bowl? I won't go there. I've been a Cincinnati sports fan far too long to throw out those expectations. But I'm completely open to the idea. It's not like I'm going to refuse someone else praising the songs of championship season.