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Create A Commissioner League Today

Are you still thinking about Fantasy Football? Are you wondering what services are the best out there? Sure, you could go with the free stuff and they'll give you the bare necessities. But sometimes it's nice to spoil yourself with luxury also. Would you rather drive a PITAPOS car or a 20-ton hummer down the interstate rocking out to Metallica's Creeping Death?

As part of an agreement with SB Nation, Cincy Jungle is able to offer you a 50% discount to join the Fantasy Football Commissioner package. Why pay for this? Along with 24-hour customer support, you receive fantasy news and expert analysis. You can manage your teams, players and league through your mobile phone, rabid live scoring through the GameTracker, smack-talking tools like instant messenger and total customization of just about anything in your league. One of the more interesting benefits is that it offers a keeper league with all historical data readily available. So if you create a league, you can access previous years anytime you want.

Join today, get the 50% discount. Then have all of your buddies pay you for entry into your now exclusive league -- and have them add a few bucks so that you recoup all of the costs. If you're not sure, you have a 14-day free trial to check it out. So check it out, become a league commissioner and dominate your friends.