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Head Coach Marvin Lewis Not Happy With Andre Smith's Rehab

There seems like two versions of Marvin Lewis. The typical say-a-lot but mean-little version, which is generally every NFL head coach in the history of NFL head coaches. Then there's the one in which speaks more truthfully, either in confidence with insiders, or through leaks from others in the organization to the media. Again, generally alike every NFL coach in the history of NFL coaches.

According to Peter King, Lewis is not happy with Andre Smith. He tweets:

Marvin Lewis not happy with rehab that jillionaire OT Andre Smith did in off-season. Ought to be fully rehabbed from foot injury. He's not.

Not that we can blame Lewis. The surgery wasn't expected to expand a recovery time as long as it has, and at the time, there was little reason to believe that Smith wouldn't be recovered by now. And for Smith's part, he hasn't done much to put him in favor with anyone in the organization. From a prolonged contract holdout, to suffering a fractured foot during non-contact drills last season, Smith now sits in the coach's doghouse for, as we understand it, not being ready after a February surgery that was expected to have a recovery time of only ten weeks and, well, not doing what was necessary to make that happen.