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Owens Arrives In Cincinnati With 75 Fans And Media At Airport

Want to know how excited people are with Terrell Owens coming to Cincinnati? According to the Enquirer's Shannon Russell, approximately 75 fans and members of the media showed up at CVG to welcome Owens as he got off the plane at around 2:55 PM.

Once he emerged in the greeting area, fans screamed “T.O.!” and “Who-dey!” Owens raised his hand in acknowledgment and initially remained quiet as the spectacle grew to include nearby airport workers and passengers.

When asked if this was a team that could win a Super Bowl, Owens said “That’s why I’m here.”

“It's an awesome city. Awesome teammates that I've got. I'm here with my partner in crime, Chad Ochocinco, and Carson Palmer,” Owens said. “It's gonna be awesome.”

I would have gone, but I had more interesting things to do with my time than waiting for someone to get off of a plane. Like my dishes.