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Texans Sign 20th Overall Pick Kareem Jackson; Ceiling Set For Jermaine Gresham Deal [UPDATE] Talks "Did Not Go Well"

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So the Bengals can have their full compliment of weapons on offense, many are eager to see a deal finalized between Jermaine Gresham's representatives and the Cincinnati Bengals. According to Joe Reedy, both sides did talk on Thursday and there's hope a deal is agreed upon soon.

Another good sign is that the Houston Texans signed cornerback Kareem Jackson Friday morning, who was this year's 20th overall pick. With his signing, the Bengals have their ceiling -- a limit on the maximum salary that Gresham will receive. As of this posting, terms are still undisclosed. But once they are, take solace that we should be that much closer to getting Gresham in camp.

UPDATE: According to a Joe Reedy tweet, "talks between the Bengals and Gresham's agent did not go well last night."