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Antonio Bryant still "A Little Gimpy Running His Routes"

For all of the talk we've heard about Antonio Bryant's knee, the Bengals second-to-newest free agent wide receiver did practice during the morning session. In a way to protect his knee and allow him to continue recovering, the Bengals are forcing Bryant to only practice once a day. What are some of the impressions of Bryant during the first practice?

Carlos Holmes writes:

Receiver Antonio Bryant looked a little gimpy running his routes and had problems planting and cutting back off his left leg. This was noticeable during minicamp and more so in training camp. The coaching staff insists that there is no cause for concern, but Bryant continues to struggle coming out of his breaks. Could the PUP list be in Bryant’s future?

Radio personality Mo Egger wrote during his stay in Georgetown:

Antonio Bryant running with the ease and grace of a man who just got shot in the kneecap. He doesn't get out of breaks and is overcompensating for something. Oh, and he dropped four balls.

Geoff Hobson writes:

Just getting his now very famous left knee healthy for the Sept.  12 opener even though he’s not at full speed right now. If a lot of guys wouldn’t have given up their number, a lot of them wouldn’t have been out here on July 29, either. But he took all his snaps Thursday morning even if it wasn’t at full speed because “I don’t want my teammates to feel like I’m cheating them,” he said.

While most of the impressions believe that the knee is obviously affecting Bryant, it still seems he'll be fine come opening weekend. And now with Terrell Owens, Bryant won't be pressured to take every snap as a number two receiver.